Guide before you start playing TERA

TERA online game 2018

Back in the day, our ancestors involved themselves in combat with whomever they felt like. For, it was a learned belief that in order to get something one has to combat with them. Additionally, combat mainly happened to protect one’s treasures and properties. It was the basic of life. In addition, the elemental that goes behind combat is to win something. Therefore, they fought. Similarly, in today’s world combat is mainly seen in games and wars between countries (not all the nations, some). Among the games that involve virtual combat, TERA has made a huge impact with its powerhouse aspects and stories in the game. Today we shall give you detailed information about the game and its inhibitions. Let’s play it to win it.

What is TERA? let me tell you some thing to let you know how to start your TERA game

TERA is a typical MMORPG game. Meaning, it is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The primary features of the game are questing (to complete quests), crafting (acquiring and showing proper craftsmen skill via the virtual skill available) and PvP. PvP meaning, player versus player action where two or more players play against each other. The game’s virtual combat uses real-time battle system. It incorporates a third-person camera view. Meaning, you will be able to see both the opponent and you on the screen when playing. There is a crosshair cursor on the screen, using which a player targets the enemy to attack, instead of clicking or tabbing an individual opponent.

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Let us now move on to the strategies of the game. If you are a beginner, you can keep these tricks in mind when playing this game to move ahead easily.

  1. The first thing to keep in mind is, a character shall not die upon falling or damaging.
  2. Choose the auto-sort option to sort your items in the inventory.
  3. The ‘Clerics of restoration’ is the cheapest way to restore stamina.
  4. Program quick chats. It comes as quite handy in group play to fight the opponent.
  5. Store crystals in your weapons if you wish to save up bank and inventory space.
  6. Hide all the UI. Then, take a screenshot of your character by pressing CTRL+Z.
  7. Important: Carry or keep a crystal with your character at all times. For, when your character dies, you could use the Enhancement Crystal attached to your weapon or armor to revive.
  8. Do not spam your loot. Rather, hold down your loot key to pick up your collection of loot.
  9. If you move down to low-density servers, your character will gain more nodes and prevent their character from being killed by other players.
  10. There are colored circles beneath the characters that denote the status of them. A red circle beneath your character means that your boss has an eye on you. A purple circle show when the boss is about to cast something on your character.
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The aforementioned tricks are the primary and informative tricks a beginner needs to keep in mind upon playing this game. With time, one shall learn more from the game itself as it is vast and creative.