About Asia Pacific DS Confederation

This is a personal blog about game development and game exploration.

After years of development, the game industry is now maturing, and so many practitioners are now involved in the industry. The game industry is not limited to game production, game development and other projects. The development of the game industry technology has also begun to infiltrate the movie studios and other industries. As a part of this industry, we like to be able to document the industry news, history, developments and breakthroughs in our language. Of course, if the game industry development and progress have a positive effect, it will be something that makes us very proud.

Do you also want to participate in the game industry?

We will share some game production experience here. Also from time to time to interview some of the famous game producer. I believe this blog will let you know some basic knowledge related to game development.

about us

We are a group of people working in game development studios. Due to industry reasons, here is not convenient to disclose the full name of our studio.

We love the game, but also love life. Hope that the game will make you feel happy, and hope that our text will give you a better understanding of the game industry.

play games and enjoy your life